Winter, Wokeness, Electricity, Only 2 Owners We Encounter — Issue #30

Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays
2 min readApr 2, 2022

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Winter is upon us. It was a beautiful summer. But things always change.

Let’s note changes in regulations, woke ideas influencing the future and increasing costs.

Today, if you are a new owner using CapeHolidays you can read about the ONLY 2 kinds of (new) owners we ever encounter.

Then read an interview with an academic on rental regulations implemented in New York (he says it will solve our problems). Let me know your opinion.

Last, winter means lower rates and increased electricity consumption. We already limit guests’ maximum daily consumption. Above which they are responsible.

However, with Eskom, in a deep hole, the article on how best to install solar is an interesting read. And something to consider.

Defining The ONLY 2 Owners — Excuse Me! How Much Is Your Cape Town Airbnb Management Cost? | Cape Town Airbnb Management

When an owner immediately asks us what is Cape Town Airbnb Management Cost? We know. Cost is critical, but we must focus on profit; the difference between income and cost.

Rentals: Making Cape Town affordable: ‘If you control the land, you control the price’
Refilwe Moloto interviews Dr Michael Glass, Director of the Urban Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

How much you can save on electricity by switching to solar?
South Africans can convert a sizeable proportion of their electricity supply to self-generated solar and save between 80–90% on their electricity bills while…



Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays

Johan Horak is an experience creator at short term rental agency in Simonstown Cape Town