When Guests Are Ham In The Sandwich & Cape Town Travel Trends — Issue #26

Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays
2 min readFeb 6, 2022


Dear {{first_name}},

What do you mean by “guests are the ham in the sandwich”?

It’s simple. Just look at a ham sandwich. A simple slice of bread, a thin layer of butter and the pink and rich slices of meat in between.

In tourism, our guests should not be sacrificed by the powers of the day. Slapping them in between two slices of bread and eating away mindlessly is not ideal.

Well, this world is a strange place. And we have had a few strange owners with holiday homes where guests were seen as less than ham.

Read more below.

Foreign Tourists Abandoned South Africa But Self Catering Soared

Read how the UK and German tourist numbers to SA plunged but locals took over for a bumper season.

More About Another Ham Sandwich Story

Lastly, while searching for the meaning of a ham sandwich, I came across a few under the belt definitions. But also a very interesting article on life.

This story has a lot of meaning for the Horak Clan and how we run CapeHolidays. Hopefully, you share it. 👍

Have fun

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