Pyrrhic Victories & Their Consequences — For Hosts & Owners — Issue #28

Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays
2 min readMar 6, 2022

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My limited English vocabulary comes from the days of laughing at our pretty English teacher crying while listening to the tragic last Romeo and Juliet scene. It’s not that we were insensitive. No. We just did not understand English. We were all boys. English was not our first language, and Shakespeare was way beyond us.

So, understanding what a Pyrrhic Victory means is a big thing for me. But more so when I realised many people love pyrrhic victories. Yes, even a few of our owners strive for pyrrhic victories. Obviously, they are (initially) oblivious to the consequences.

Today, you can read more about Pyrrhic Victory and how it affects the bottom line when pursued.

Where Are Our Airbnb Guests From?

I am always asked where our typical guests originate from. For 2022, local travel is high with South African guests at 43%, next are the Germans at 18%, then the UK at 15%, France at 9%, the USA at 8%, the Netherlands at 3%, and Italy and Canada at 2%.

This means most of our guests (57%) are foreigners.

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Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays

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