Cape Town Short Term Accommodation Trends, Risks, Opportunities #Issue 3

  • Today, I want to share with you the Western Province Government plans for tourism recovery.
  • Also, the fears of many of the world cities regarding accommodation
  • As well as the new tourism trends we are noticing, e.g. nomad business travellers and family pod travelling.

10-point plan to save tourism in Cape Town — still world’s most beautiful city
The Mother City has a plan to bring back the crowds, and their hard currencies, says Enver Duminy of Cape Town Tourism.

Airbnb: Short Term Rental Trends

Airbnb Regulations Etc

The Sharing Economy Can Empower Many



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Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays

Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays

Johan Horak is an experience creator at short term rental agency in Simonstown Cape Town