Cape Town Is 50% Cheaper As A Tourist Destination! 2022

Wine House In Simonstown Cape Town

Today I am going to show you how inexpensive Cape Town is, then share an amazing story about a chef making a difference during Covid. And last, the good news about visas for digital nomads visiting South Africa.

Cape Town is 50% Cheaper….

Well, yes.

Did you know that a Big Mac Burger in South Africa is only $2.28 US? But in the Euro Area, it’s $5.02 US. Nearly double.

That is if you use the cost of a Big Mac Burger as your indicator. And it’s called (if you did not know) the Big Mac Index.

The Big Mac index, published by The Economist, [shows whether] market exchange rates for different countries’ currencies are overvalued or undervalued.

Obviously, Switzerland is the most expensive at $7.04 US for such a burger.

Therefore, if you are from our traditional foreign tourist countries, you’ll get twice as much for your money when you spend it in South Africa.

The Economist report — suggests that the rand is undervalued by 55.6%, which is the eighth-most undervalued currency measured by the index in February. Read this article for an interesting read.

For my South African friends, this does not mean much as we buy with an undervalued Rand. But for foreign tourists; this is a great time to come and enjoy Cape Town and South Africa.

If you love these kinds of comparisons, use Numbeo to compare two cities. Here is Cape Town vs London. It’s scary😳

Have Fun

Johan Horak

At, where we manage Superhost Airbnb accommodation in Cape Town.




Johan Horak is an experience creator at short term rental agency in Simonstown Cape Town

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Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays

Johan Horak @AgencyCapeHolidays

Johan Horak is an experience creator at short term rental agency in Simonstown Cape Town

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