Alternative To Airbnb? & SA Tourism Stats & News — Issue #38

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4 min readDec 4, 2022

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Have you bought every Tom, Dick and Harriette a gift yet? Well, it’s that time again. But let me distract you from these festive niceties.

We always brag about our 5 Star reviews. But sometimes we go too far. Our experience creators (our Airbnb hosts and managers) take it to the next level. But when they fall into the pool upon guest arrival; that’s another story. Obviously, Vanessa can tell us why. Now we know she did. She and the guest had a good laugh.

Google The Alternative To Airbnb? Trust Is Our Main Aim To Ensure We Create A Snowball Of (Airbnb) Income But There Is A Risk…

Today I share an article on trust. As you know, the success of your short-term rental depends on trust. Trust between you and us and between the guest and us. From the guest, we expect only 5-star reviews. From you, we get regular emails thanking us. It’s such a pleasure. No wonder we fall into your pool.

But we have an issue:

This issue is that all our eggs are in the Airbnb basket. And for good reason. The risk is just too high with But Google is a slow-moving giant. And it may just become the alternative to Airbnb. But Google will show us to potential guests on their maps. But they must verify us. Unfortunately, cannot get verified (trust) by Google without a street sign. Read more below.

Should You Pay For Professional Photos?

The answer is obvious to me. But some owners ask the question. And I reluctantly wrote it should not even be a question. See below.

SA Tourism has not recovered after Covid

Unfortunately, the stats not good reading.

More General Tourism News Below

5 Star Airbnb Street Signs: All About Pushing Unconditional Trust & Identity Increasing Airbnb Returns | Cape Town Airbnb Management
5 star Airbnb street signs and why they are critical to trust building and being a verified entity. Get Google verified for each Airbnb listing.

When Hosts Say Professional Airbnb Photos Are Too Expensive! | Cape Town Airbnb Management
Airbnb Photography Tips: Resolving The Professional Airbnb Photos Cost Vs Income Puzzle

SA tourism has not recovered after Covid — Google Docs
SA tourism has not recovered after Covid. In October 2.2 million people left, returned or were in transit. 1.2 million less than October 2019. In October 255 700 fewer SA tourists than the 672 000 during October 2019 (-38%). About 25% fewer SA tourists left SA for foreign trips (October vs Octo…

Western Cape Economic Development and Tourism on October tourists visits | South African
In October 2022 alone, foot fall at the 17 participating attractions in the Western Cape recorded a total of 269,016 visitors.

SARS just launched a new travel pass. It is voluntary — for now. Here’s how it works. | Business
South Africa’s newest travel pass is being trialled at King Shaka International Airport and could be at all the country’s ports of entry by 2024.

Tourism safety units launched in Cape Town ahead of festive
The Western Cape Government (WCG) launched their own Tourism Safety Unit with Chrysalis graduates as the City of Cape Town (CoCT) announced the expansion of their Tourism Safety Unit, yesterday.

Expats rate Cape Town social life best in the world — but Joburg is unloved |
A new survey among almost 12 000 expats across the world rates Cape Town as the 32nd best destination among 50 big cities — with Johannesburg dead last.



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